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A4 Water Slide Paper

Item Code: 360
Item Weight: 0.384 KG
Pieces in carton: 2000
Carton Weight: 16.00 KG
Carton Size: 46x32x21 cm




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General Use

Decorative use only on candles, glass, metal, wood and soap

Printing Equipment
- Water Slide – WT works in new Non-Oil Color Laser Copiers/Printers
- Water Slide –WT will also work in fuser oil type Copiers/Printers

What you will need ?
- Item to be imaged ie: candle, glass etc.
- Imaged WT Transfer Paper
- Bowl Large enough to dip chosen object into
- Liquid dish soap
- Plastic- either plastic wrap or plastic bag
- 1 sheet of plain bond paper Printing If using a Color Copier, Black and White Copier or Thermal Printer:
- Place WT Paper in bypass tray , positioned to image onto glossy side
- Copy/Print in Plain Paper/ standard Mode.
- Don’t copy/print Mirror Image. If using Oil based felt pens or Acrylic color paints:
- Draw on Glossy side of WT transfer Paper .let image dry completely before proceeding


- Trim imaged WT as close as possible to image without cutting into image, using scissors / exacto knife.
- Fill suitable size bowl with warm water and add about 5%-10% liquid dish soap to bowl of water.
- Wet the item to be imaged in the bowl of water and set to one side.
- Place imaged WT in bowl of soapy water for 5-10 seconds.
- Put wet WT on plastic, image face down, and cover with plain sheet of paper to take off excess water.
- Remove plain paper.
- Gently remove paper backing from WT Transfer Paper.
- Pick up plastic with image decal / film laying on top and place on candle, glass or other item.
- Gently remove plastic.
- With sponge or finger correct position of decal and take out any air bubles.
- Let dry for at least 1 hour before handling.