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Cap Press 680

Item Code: 680
Item Weight: 14 KG
Pieces in carton: 1
Carton Weight: 14.50 KG
Carton Size: 62x37x51 cm




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Cap Press 680 is a version of Cap Press Heat Transfer Machine but with a bigger plate area print size. Ideal for start up business, the Cap Press can cover both kids and adult standard sizes caps and produces a more concentrated and clear-cut outputs. Unlike any other brand of heat press machine in the market, Cap Press 680 Heat Transfer Machine has the ability to distribute thermal heat evenly in all of its upper lid metal plate under centralize pressure plate. The Heat Press Machine is also versatile enough to be the perfect intermediate to transfer print designs from laser printers, sublimation printers and vinyl cutter plotter machines. Cap Press 680 also features a very easy to operate full digital screen and touch buttons mechanism that allows adjusting the time and heat degree of the Heat Transfer Machine to be adjusted freely. This Cap Heat Press Machine also exhibits a finer and more sophisticated Heat Transfer Application in today’s market and competition.  With a semi automatic opening lid and magnetic assisted closing system, this Heat Transfer Machine is ideal for operators to maneuver. The built adjustable thermostat for Cap Press 680 Heat Transfer Machine allows adjusting temperature into confined system and regulates the production to avoid incorrect standards.


The Cap Press 680 Heat Transfer Machine features a 9.5 x 16 cm heat plate print size area that is perfect for smaller caps and kids headwear. The Heat Transfer Machine also boasts its small package size of a 62 cm length 37 cm width and 51 cm height and weighing 14.5 kg only that is ideal for small work space and new start up businesses. These dimension and weight allows the machine to be transferred in one station to another and the Heat Press Machine produces 500 watts power and can be plugged on 220 voltage socket.

Full Digital Control
This Cap Heat Press Machine also highlights a full digital control on its timing and temperature adjustments, making it easier to use by professional operators and alike. Through the digital display screen, operators can set the appropriate settings for different mediums. An advance saving option is made available as well so that the Transfer Heat Machine can store records that can be set during mass productions and enables the machine to maintain its consistency in printing from first item to its last production. The Cap Heat Press Machine digital controls also made the image transferring machine a more comfortable equipment to operate since professionals can monitor every time their production by just simply setting their standards and therefore giving a more concise outputs.

Advance Opening Lid
Cap Press 680 Heat Machine has a 70 degree angle opener that is far superior to the other existing transfer machines, making it safer for operators to lay out their print out mediums and avoid accidents such as burns.

Cap Press 680 Heat Transfer Machine also features a dynamic three way transferring compatibility. Well tuned to transfer images from laser print outputs, sublimation print outs and cutter plotter vinyl cut outs, this Heat Press Machine delivers a finer result with the use of any brands from the said printing machines. The Heat Transfer Machine also has a wide of transferring materials that is available in the most competitive price.

Durability & Mobility
All Cap Press 680 Heat Press Machine are manufactured from top of the class metal products. The base and body of the unit are baked with high standard heat protected coatings making it very safe for users and avoid burns and accidents. The upper plate of the machine is developed with 3/4" thickness of Teflon coated platen. This Heat Press Machine only weighs 14.5 kg and comes in a very compact package making it very easy to transfer from one place to another and runs on both 110 and 220 volts electric output.

Clamshell System
Compact in design and perfect for saving counter space, Cap Press 680 Heat Transfer Machine comes as a clamshell press transfer system that is more convenient to use and consume less area for operating. Clamshell based system is considered by most experts as far more superior to Swing Away based heat press machine in terms of the speed rate of producing outputs. Professionals and heat press machine operator’s claims that extra seconds are being saved by clamshell system because it does not require the more complex steps of swinging the heat platen away from the garment and swinging back again the lid for the next transfer cycle.

Centralize Pressure Adjustment

The Cap Press 680 also features a dynamic Centralized Heat Pressure system and a lower floating plate. As one of the most important aspect of any heat press machine, uneven circulation of heat through its plates can cause cold spots on some areas and leaving this places unable to transfer print outs to the media, Cap Press 680 Heat Transfer Machine resolves this issue by importing a Centralize Pressure Adjustment that can create constant heat and pressure distribution on its plate. This Heat Pressure Machine is developed with advance engineering and calculations to optimize and produce the most precise heat transfer it can give.