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Flat Press 694S

Item Code: 694S
Item Weight: 28 KG
Pieces in carton: 1
Carton Weight: 28.50 KG
Carton Size: 76x48x41 Cm




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Considered by most experts as one of the most accurate thermal pressure machine used for heat transfer printing, Flat Press 694S boast a 38 x 38 cm heat platen size. With patented centralized pressure plate, this equipment had pass through high standard of quality control, and featured a dynamic anti cold spot procedure that ensure an accurate printing result with concise and crispy details. Materials used are made out of the best metals and advance engineering that enables the Heat Press Machine to last the wear and tear of longer mass production. The machine is tested compatible on most flat surfaced medium and can accommodate 5 inches thick materials made out of fabric, aluminum sheets, coated rubbers, tiles and rocks. Flat Press 694S Heat Machine is also a perfect intermediate to transfer print designs from laser printers, sublimation printers and vinyl cutter plotter machines and very easy to operate with full digital screen and touch buttons mechanism for adjusting the time, heat degree, and pressure. The Heat Transfer Machine also boasts a semi automatic upper lid opening, making operations more convenient and easier to use.


Flat Press 694S Heat Transfer Machine features a 38 x 38 cm print size area that is ideal for any flat medium. With a clamshell system for opening the upper lid, it is best for small work areas and allows more output in less consuming spaces. The full package of the machine is composed of a small dimension of a 76 cm length 48 cm width and 41 cm height and weighing 28 kg only that is ideal for small work space and new start up businesses. Electrical requirements involves 220 Volts standard socket outlet and can generate 1500 watts of electric current per 14.5 Amps.

Centralize Pressure Adjustment
Uneven circulation of heat through its plates can cause cold spots on some areas and leaving this places unable to transfer print outs to the media. That is why Flat Press 694S focuses on one of the most important aspect of any heat press machine, and having the centralize pressure system available in its equipment, a more précis printing can be achieved on any medium.  

Full Digital Control
This Cap Heat Press Machine also highlights a full digital control on its timing, temperature adjustments and pressure, making it easier to use by professional operators and alike. Through the digital display screen, operators can set the appropriate settings for different mediums and take control of the pressure with just fingertip instructions. An advance saving option is made available as well so that the Transfer Heat Machine can store records that can be set during mass productions and enables the machine to maintain its consistency in printing from first item to its last production. The Cap Heat Press Machine digital controls also made the image transferring machine a more comfortable equipment to operate since professionals can monitor every time their production by just simply setting their standards and therefore giving a more concise outputs.

Advance Opening Lid
MTXC Cap Heat Press Machine also boasted its dynamic feature of smooth semi automatic upper lid opening. Professionals and operators highly recommended its opening operation since it decreases stress essentially and increases the speed of production and manufacturing. Compare to its older early predecessors that used a lock on manual opening lid, it is more convenient to operate since handles are far lighter to lift. In addition, Flat Press 694S Heat Transfer Machine has a 70 degree angle opener that is far superior to the other existing transfer machines, making it safer for operators to lay out their print out mediums and avoid accidents such as burns.

Clamshell System
Compact in design and perfect for saving counter space, the Heat Machine comes as a clamshell press transfer system that is more convenient to use and consume less area for operating. Clamshell based system is considered by most experts as far more superior to Swing Away based heat press machine in terms of the speed rate of producing outputs. Professionals and heat press machine operator’s claims that extra seconds are being saved by clamshell system because it does not require the more complex steps of swinging the heat platen away from the garment and swinging back again the lid for the next transfer cycle.

The Heat Press machine also features a dynamic three way transferring compatibility. Well tuned to transfer images from laser print outputs, sublimation print outs and cutter plotter vinyl cut outs, the Flat Press 694S Heat Transfer Machine delivers a finer result with the use of any brands from the said printing machines. The Heat Transfer Machine also has a wide of transferring materials that is available in the most competitive price.

Adjustable Thermostat
The built adjustable thermostat for Flat Press 694S Heat Press Machine allows adjusting temperature into confined system. Either automatic or constant temperature adjustment, both systems works perfectly for designed standards of options. Temperature range can be adjusted up to 260 degree Celsius and thermometer for the heat plate can indicate the specific setting that has been programmed. Not only does 694S Flat Press Machine boast the feature of heat indicating light, it also produces a sound alarm if the desired temperature had been reached already

Flat Press 694S Heat Transfer Machine is a solid solution for any design business and professionals can expect to see heat transfer machinery’s popularity rise to all-time highs over the next few years.  Considered as top of the class heat transfer machines that is dignified and can be trusted for long term used and high volume productivity, this Thermal Transfer Machine can bring more client orders and deliver a precise and livelier design outputs.