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Mug heat press - 695VV

Item Code: 695-VV
Item Weight: 10.5 KG
Pieces in carton: 1
Carton Weight: 21.00 KG
Carton Size: 44 x 28 x 33 cm




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Double Mug Press: 695-VV

Product Usage:

The product is mainly used for heat pressing images on ceramic cup, especially suitable for advertisement, gift, propaganda as well as characteristic objects. It combines art appreciation with practicability.


The machine adopts silicon rubber underlay and single chip processor to ensure automatic constant temperature and even pressing pressure. The machine enjoys the quality of decent appearance, stable operation, long lifetime and high efficiency, It can count and alarm automatically.

Basic Technical Data:
Item                                              Data
Temperature Range:                ambient ~ 260 °C Adjustable
Temperature Control Mode:    automatic and constant temperature adjustable
Wattages:                                    280W*2
Power Supply:                            220V/50 Hz    110V/60 Hz
Silicon Rubber Underlay:         ɸ80*90
Adjust Distance:                        50 mm
Dimensions:                               380mm*200mm*380mm
Net Weight:                                 15 kg

Operation Instruction

1.    Power on with electric connection:

Power on. “Do” sound is remit through Buzzer. The indicator light of “setting” and “C Celsius” that on the control panel will light on. “190” will be shown in the display. This is the preset temperature. The    temperature will change automatically to current room temperature after 4 seconds. This is the normal situation that “current” and “C CELSIUS” indicator light still light on.

2.    Transformation between Fahrenheit and centigrade:

Under the normal situation press “clear” to transform Fahrenheit and centigrade. Press “saves” to store the selection or cancel the selection.

3.   Setting the pressing temperature:

Under the normal situation, press “select” 1 time. Press “↑” and “↓” to adjust the best suit temperature. Press and hold this “save” button for 4 seconds, then the parameter will be stored.

4.    Setting the pressing time:

Under the normal situation, press “select” 2 times. Press “↑” and “↓” to adjust the time press and hold this “save” button for 4 seconds, then the parameter will be stored.

5.    Counter of the pressing:

Under the normal situation, press “select” 3 times.  The display will show how many times that this pressing machine is worked before.

6.    Control the temperature raised and ready to pressing:

After all setting are finished. Press “Start / Stop”. When the pressing plate is heating, then “Start / Store” will be twinkled. “Temp.hold” indicator light is light on. And the user can start the pressing operation.