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Transfer Paper for Dark Colored Fabrics


Transfer Paper for Light Colored Fabrics


Transfer Paper for Light Colored Fabrics


Dark Fabric Transfer Paper for Laser Printers

Water Slide

Decorative Transfer Paper for Different Surfaces

Points to choose for a
Transfer Paper

Type and quality of product will provide different results, It is very important to educate yourself to determine the best result of transfer paper.

Transfer Rate

Basic characteristic of the paper, its the speed rate with which the paper transfers the image and then the ink is transferred on the product.

Ink Compatibility

It is important to make the paper to suit different transfer inks as much as possible, so that the paper can be compatible to other dyes.

Drying Rate

The important feature of best transfer paper is its drying speed that provides you easy printing continuously and improve the speed of delivery.

Warp Degree

The transfer paper is one type of coated paper, to avoid the warping issue consistent coating is needed. Must follow the correct settings.

Impurity Spots On Paper

One of the characteristic of transfer paper is the quantity of spots on the transfer paper. Do the correct maintenance before printing.

Stability of Quality

Consistent quality should be the most important characteristic for good using. Print result is related to ink, print data set, and parameter setting of the printer.

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Thousands of customers choose and rely on Transfer Express to grow their t-shirt business.

MagicTransUSA Transfer Paper

Choose your Transfer Paper depending on your needs.

Our transfer paper has different usage from Light Fabrics to Dark Fabrics. We even offer a Freestyle for your Customized Design.

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