Paper Finish
Sheet Size
Available in A4 & A3
Sheet Count
100pcs per sheet

Coated Paper for Sublimation Printing

Sublimation paper is a special paper which allows Dye Sublimation Ink to remain on its surface instead of absorbing it. Dye sublimation paper, or dye-sub paper, is specially designed to accept dye-sublimation inks. The ink conversion imprinting process is done with heat and controlled by pressure. The coated dye-sub printed paper can be the final end-product, but dye-sub paper is most often used as a type of heat transfer paper to imprint the sublimated ink onto a specially coated surface. Sublimation paper is a perfect medium to print and transfer design to compatible media such as mugs, plates, tiles, rocks and many more. Sublimation paper is also compatible with any Heat Pressure Machine and can give a good quality result of crispier and more accurate transfer printing.

Sublimation paper boast a dynamic printing size and transfer A4 and A3 size area that is well responded to any size of mediums. High-release dye-sub heat-transfer paper has a silicate coating applied in vertical grids to hold the ink. During printing, heat from the press evaporates or sublimates the ink into a gas form. The released ink vapor then bonds with the surface of the receptor material to form a permanent print. Sublimation paper has a special finish that prevents the ink from soaking into the paper. After the paper is printed with the transferable image, it is placed on the coated surface of the receptor product to be imprinted with heat and pressure from a heat press.

Application Instruction

Printing Procedure

A3 Sublimation 359 is a compatible printing medium for any Inkjet Printer machine. However to reach maximum potential of this printing and transfer paper it is suggested to use original Sublimation Inks on it. Select “Photo Paper” as the paper style and set the standard in “Normal” printing then adjust the quality option to “Photo or Best Photo Quality” to get better results. Never forget that Transfer method always needs the print to b transferred facing the medium, so set the design pattern to Print Mirror Image before printing it on the paper. Print on the bright white side of the paper.

Transfer Procedure

First, check if the print is perfectly dry. If needed, trim down the design and remove the non printed films. Now, remove the back paper and place the printed film directly to the desire location in the medium. Next, place the design on top of the medium and fix the printed paper using heat resistant tape to the item so the paper will not move during the transfer. Finally, press the transfer paper on the medium with the standard heat and pressure settings. When transferring is done, peel the paper starting in one corner gently. Use caution while paper is still hot.

There are different standards for the variety of substrates such as mouse pads, tote bags, fabrics, ceramics, plastics, metal, glass items and many more. Below is the list of suggested settings using A3 Sublimation 359:

Ceramic Mugs
90 seconds
90 seconds
Photo Rocks
4 - 5 minutes
Note: For Photo Rocks the paper is placed down and the ceramic is placed on its face down. Heat has to pass through the ceramic. So the heat time will depend on the thickness of the material.

Washing and Ironing Instructions

Wash carefully and avoid scratching and damaging the design print. Use cold water only in washing the output product. DO NOT use bleach or any kind in washing the medium. If on fabric place into the dryer immediately after washing and avoid hanging it to dry. When ironing the design medium on a fabric, avoid heating the areas with printed images on it.

General Instructions

It is highly recommended to test print also and wash test one output before producing mass orders to ensure that the ink used is compatible with the medium used.

Keep transfer papers in the plastic bag to avoid from getting moist on the paper until actual use. Check if the container is closed after each use.

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