Paper Finish
Matte Coated
Sheet Size
A3 ( 297 x 420 mm )
Sheet Count
100pcs per sheet
122 μm, 115 g/m²
Works on Laser Printer

Description : SUPER+ is printer friendly and gives excellent chromatic results on most color laser printers and copiers on the market. It’s suitable for printers that work with very high fuser temperatures. Great graphical quality and very soft hand.

Technical Data : SUPER+ is made of a 122 μm, 115 g/m² natural paper liner, a 30 μm polyolefin layer and a 5 μm composite polymer finish.

Suitable for : Cotton and other natural or synthetic white or light-colored fabrics such as silk, satin, polyester, and Lycra. Ideal for T-shirts, shoppers, and caps. Also suitable for custom heat transfer patches.

Application Instruction

Place the printed side of the transfer paper on the fabric.
Press for 15″ or 18”
Wait 5″ to 10″ and stretch the fabric by pulling to the left and to the right simultaneously. This will facilitate the removal of the paper liner. Pull off liner while warm from bottom to top
Press again for 10″ with a adhesive-proof tissue paper to get brighter colors or with plain paper for a softer feel. Remove paper while hot.
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