Paper Finish
Sheet Size
A4 ( 210 x 297 mm )
Sheet Count
100pcs per sheet
Works on Laser Printer

Description : The waterslide transfer paper is crafted using premium quality printing paper to give you true, non-fading and high definition colors. Our waterslide decal paper helps inspire your creativity. Using Our water slide paper to make personalized gift. By your own DIY design of the waterslide decal paper, Print photos, Logos, Decals, Designs, Labels, Artwork for Birthday Gifts, Christmas Ideas,Valentines Day, Anniversary, Graduation, etc.

Suitable for : It can be used on ceramics, glass, jade, metal and plastics etc. Such as blank mug, coffee cup, water bottle, bowl, plate, vase, candle, nail-art and so much more.

Step for Waterslide Transfer Paper

Here’s the guide on how to use our WaterSlide Transfer paper. Just follow our easy guide or contact us for full training and information.

Application Instruction

Print with laser printer
Cut out the decals
Place the decal in a bowl of warm water for about 30 – 45 seconds
( until the decal slide on back paper )
Position the backing paper on your item.
Slide decal off on to the item
Allow to dry fully before handling.
( Speed up drying by a blow dryer )
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