Paper Finish
Sheet Size
Available in A4 & A3
Sheet Count
100pcs per sheet
Works on Sawgrass or Ricoh

Coated Paper for Sublimation Printing

Description : The 98 percent Ultra High Transfer Rate lowers manufacturing costs by using less ink, allowing you to save money! Our HTP sublimation sheets have vibrant colors and dry quickly. No fading, no cracking, and a smooth feeling as well. The color was quite vivid and durable. Additionally, special handmade presents for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Suitable for : For DIY T-shirts, mugs, crystal, ceramic, metal sheet, and other items

Product material Temperature Press Time
Mugs and Bottle 180 degrees Celsius 2 minutes
Aluminum 180 degrees Celsius 90 seconds
Ceramic Products 180 degrees Celsius 3 - 4 minutes
Photo Rocks 180 degrees Celsius 3 - 4 minutes
Mouse Pads 180 degrees Celsius 90 seconds
Hardwood 180 degrees Celsius 90 seconds
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