Paper Finish
Matte Coated
Sheet Size
A4 ( 210 x 297 mm )
Sheet Count
100pcs per sheet
(A)110 g/m² - (B)120 g/m²
Works on Laser Printer

Laser Dark Fabric No Cut Transfer A Paper + B Adhesive Paper – These Transfer Papers are self-weeding and leave no background plastic polymer yet produce a soft, pliable, and highly durable product. When printing, if there has white color in the image, you should use laser printer white toner.

This product is perfect for any personal or DIY business project, which can be used in DARK T shirts, hoodies, totes, canvas bags, aprons, masks, pillow cases, cushion covers, tablecloths, flags and banners.

Step for Freestyle Transfer Paper

Here’s the guide on how to use our Freestyle Transfer paper. Just follow our easy guide or contact us for full training and information.

Application Instruction

Insert FREESTYLE(A) from the printer’s by-pass and set to extra heavy paper 1 printing mode (121-188 gr/m²). How to recognize the printing side: the clipped corner of the sheet must always be on the bottom right side, for all sizes. Print in mirror mode.


Place the pad at the center of the plate with the blue and white side facing upwards and a sheet of anti-adhesive tissue paper and heat for at least 180″ at 140°C-145°C.

Place the following over the white portion of the pad:
a. FREESTYLE(A) with the printed side upwards
b. The small paper tag (contained in the box) in a corner.
c. FREESTYLE(B) (which is slightly smaller than FREESTYLE(A)) with the glue side on the print
d. A sheet of adhesive-proof tissue paper
Manual or pneumatic press:
145°C for 30″-40″ or 140°C for 60″-70″ – pressure 4atm/medium-high*
We recommend a shorter time only if the lower plate is very hot ( has been working non-stop for at least 1 hour ).

Quickly separate FREESTYLE(B) from FREESTYLE(A) pinching both the glue sheet and the tissue paper (don’t remove the tissue paper). Help yourself with the small paper tag.
Note: This step is now much easier because the FREESTYLE(A) will perfectly adhere to the blue pad.

Remove pad and place the t-shirt or fabric on the press (heat for a couple of seconds) and then FREESTYLE(A) (after having trimmed the edges) with the glue side on the fabric.


Manual or pneumatic press:
140°C for 28″-30″ – pressure 4atm/medium-high

Remove FREESTYLE(A) when completely cold with a smooth movement. Press
again with adhesive-proof tissue paper for 5″-10″ for greater washing resistance.

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